Exhibition "Captured Freedom" / by Pimpisa Tinpalit

You are cordially invited to view a duo of exhibitions                                                                          An evening of artist talks - 6:00-9:00 pm, 12 November 2015                                                Exhibition : Captured Freedom                                                                                                     Featuring exhibiting artists: Eddie Botha and Pimpisa Tinpalit

A Collaborative show with Sculptor Pimpisa Tinpalit and Illustrative Artist Eddie Botha.        People are captured within their countries of birth, our spirits are captured within our bodies, yet we are free?  As a society, we are divided into groups and classes according to our social standards, determined by our parents' achievements to a large extent. We shape our future towards success and yet we chase after the wind.                                                                        

What is freedom to you? Is it the ability to walk down the road without fearing for your life? Or are you free in your spirit without predijuce and judgment towards others? In Australia we are free, yet we have a system that limits us without us even realizing it. We are so accustomed to it. There are so many rules that limit our choices. We have to fit into society with narrow margins. But do we really? 

This series attempts to represent this dichotomy between freedom and being captured through figurative representation. Are you captured or free?