Solo exhibition "Freedom & Captivity" 2015 / by Pimpisa Tinpalit

Exhibition will be held on the 19th Sep - 21st Oct 2015 at La lanta Fine Art Gallery, Bangkok Thailand Opening reception on 19 Sep 2015 at 5-7 pm


This series was inspired by the power of free will upon freedom and captivity.
Both freedom and captivity can be imposed physically, mentally, or both.

Often our own insecurities and anxieties will prevent us from living freely, and so we become captives of own thoughts. 
Conversely, self-confidence can allow us to live freely and explore new challenges in life and grow  into better people.

However, what appears to be freedom to one may appear as captivity to another. Furthermore, we are generally poor assessors of our own states of willful freedom and captivity. Though freedom and captivity are antonyms, delineating their boundaries in reality can therefore be far more complicated.

I feel it is my duty as an artist to question and explore concepts such as this. My hope is that through figurative representation I can both explore my own questions and also answer them during the creative process. Ideally, this knowledge will transfer to my viewers and benefit them as well.

This series attempts to represent this dichotomy through figurative representation. Birds represent freedom and their humans represent the power of free will.

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