"The Couple" represents the idea of personal space, as not all couples who play together, stay together.  Privacy in married life is often important for the couple who want to spend their life together.  Some share secrets with each other, some think the partner is everything in their life.  In fact, almost all couples have a thin line which separates their own private, personal space.  Just because a couple is married, does not necessarily mean that they will share the same emotions, opinions or problems when they are together.  Even married couples need their own personal space without their partner crossing the line into that space.  Human nature, being as it is, has a theory of possession.  However, it is also important for each partner to respect the space of the other. By doing this it can mean that the couple will stay together longer.I intended to question the meaning of the couple and how to share two lives together.

"Everyone needs their own personal space just to grow their dreams and let their imagination flow."

"No matter how close they are together their personal space is important for married life."

These sculptures were inspired by a part of "The Prophet" poems, by Kahlil Gibran in the chapter of “On Marriage."